Can video files such as MP4 not be referenced via absolute paths like I can with Jpeg files?

For some time I have been using something like the following to reference media outside of my vailt, into my mark down documents:


While the above works for images, the following does not seem to work for videos:


Is this a limitation of Obsidian or there is a special method for video files that is needed?

I dont any know anything about HTML/CSS but I understand you can use HTML where the markdown spec falls short. Is it possible to reference my video in the document using HTML then and perhaps resize and get it to autoplay?

Allot of times its just not ideal to move every media I want to use in a given markdown document to a predefined media folder in the same vault as the markdown document.

This is especially so for video files, which can be large files.

Thanks for any help.

If I alt-drag into the vault, it makes a file:/// path. But I tested .mp4 and .mov, and I’m not getting movies embedded either with that syntax.

It looks like this syntax will work. Use file:/// and a video tag. This works for me. (Perhaps there are other ways too.)

<video src="file:///your/path.mp4" controls></video>

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This is great, its much more flexable too with flags like control and autoplay.

Thanks for this!

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