Embed URL Link to show Preview Boxes

THIS exactly. I don’t like how it creates that mess. Plus the developer seems to have abandoned the plugin. So hopefully someone creates a new better one

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I forked obsidian-simple-embeds and added a feature for displaying generic link previews. It uses them as a fallback for all links that don’t match with the existing embed sources (youtube, twitter etc) and can be toggled on or off. It works with the existing settings of simple-embeds so you can choose for it to display the previews next to links or replace them altogether. Also, if you wanted to use this display for all links instead of some specialized embeds, you can disable the individual source and it will use this instead.

So far it works for most links I’ve tried. You can view the PR here: Add a generic link preview source by udbhav-s · Pull Request #47 · samwarnick/obsidian-simple-embeds · GitHub.


I was wondering if it would be possible to incorporate a third way of creating links to websites in obsidian apart from embeds using iframe and regular hyperlinks. I really like the link bookmarks feature in Notion which gives a short introduction to the website being linked along with a preview image. Here is how it looks :

Use case or problem

Apart from looking good visually, this feature would make finding links and recognizing required websites easier later on.

Proposed solution

I don’t know much of how obsidian works at the back end but I think this could be done with css which would be triggered by using a specific syntax

Current workaround (optional)

To my knowledge, there are no workarounds for this but I think it should not be hard to implement with css snippets.

It would be great to have this feature in a future update if possible otherwise if this feature can be made possible by using css snippets or a plugin that would work too.


I would love that, +1


same here, +1

I think “Obsidian rich links” plugin does that !

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@Thiews it does, thanks. Styles are broken but it is a good base for tweaking

I’ve been search for this, does any of you know if there’s already plans to implement it? Or perhaps there is a third party plugin available?

+1 simple and very elegant feature to make the UI more pleasant.

+1 for this!

Obsidian would be such a great Bookmark Manager

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Oh yes! +1
I loved this feature when I was a Notion user. :+1:

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Use case or problem

There are many times that I and other people need to save some link but we see only the URL text of a website.

Proposed solution

The solution could the possibility to activate an option that let se a link like a preview box that contains the URL with the metatitle, metadescription and the image

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

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Have you tried the Auto Card Link plugin? It may be something you like.


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I tried it but it doesn’t work very well with a lot of link.

I suggest raise issues at the plugin’s GitHub. They seems to be active. Obsidian dev are very selective wrt features to be included.

But I think that this type of function is really useful in the editor and should be a native option, besides I see that a native function often is faster than the plugin function.
In fact that is why should be automatic and better structured by Obsidian

would be awesome if they implent it ! any news about it ? this is one of things that keep me using Notion

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