Embed Note from Another Vault

Use case or problem

Maintaining certain tags between vaults is cumbersome. When using an Identity Archive Framework*, this is an important endeavor since all Vaults should maintain similar structure. A feature would be nice to make this endeavor easier, and thus not impede taxonomic fluidity.

Proposed solution

Embeddable Notes from Other Vaults - By embedding a note directly from another vault, the note’s structural elements are (should, I guess) be incorporated into the current Vault (i.e. tags and links (out-of-scope of use case, seems hard, but useful for e.g. 4564))

Current workaround

Symlink the Tag file (haven’t tried it), or copy and paste.

Currently, I have Work, Life, and Meta Vaults. Meta is for meta-cognitive notes (on how I take notes), including notes on folder structures and naming conventions I’ve agreed on for myself, and also an MOC for tags. This MOC is the page I’d like every other Vault to have embedded, so that as I modify my fluid framework, my tag structures will sync across all Vaults seamlessly.

Already, I sync the .obsidian/config file across my vaults via symlinks to keep settings the same, which mostly works but comes with its own drawbacks.

* Identity Archive Framework

Different Vaults for different identity spaces (e.g. Work and Life). Zettelkasten recommends having only one archive (Vault) ever in your life, save for certain cases. I’ve come to see those certain cases as when we play unique and independent roles (identities) that each contribute many notes to our system. Since the identities are independent, they likely would benefit a lot from having their own mental spaces, i.e. Vault. These Vaults should be mostly customizable to the identity they represent, but since all identities still stem from you and your brain, they should also share some common structures.

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There is one thing you didn’t mention, and I know it isn’t quite the same as direct links or inter-vault search or directly embedding. But are you aware of the obsidian:// URL scheme? You can’t embed with it, but you can link to other vaults, including in other apps.


But honestly, I think the name “Vault” implies an intended separation. If you want a high level of interaction between vaults, I think what you are actually imagining would be better implemented as folders in a single vault. Carefully ask yourself, what’s the point of separating them in the first place? Especially since you’re going to the trouble of syncing aspects of each vault with each other, and linking them back together.

One thing that Nick Milo discussed in his email list was using folder search as a way of including and filtering information. For example, if you want to omit your Life folder, you could use -path:Life with a minus sign and it would omit any results from Life. path:Meta would only search in Meta. You may find folders could have all the features you’re wishing for.


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