Embed just part/beginning of a note: '![filename]' (first 200 char for example)

I swear I had embedded notes that only displayed the first paragraph or some series of lines not the entire note.

Things I have tried

I checked Embed part of Obsidian Help and in my search of the forum folks want more interesting things like embeds that isolate tags. I just want the first “chunk”… was there an indicator on the embedded file I missed?

What I want to do

Embed just the beginning of a file/note-- whereas the syntax ![filename] embeds the entire file/note.

Obsidian core functionalities to embeds:

  1. Embed/ transclude files > format ![[filename]]

  2. Embed/ transclude headings (all content within heading) > format ![[filename#heading]]

  3. Embed/ transclude blocks > format ![[filename#^dcf64c]] (where dcf64c is the auto-block ID) or ![[filename#^myblockID]] (where myblockID is your manual ID)
    Link to blocks


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