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One of the things I miss the most from Evernote is the ability to email myself notes.

I’m thinking of creating a small docker email server for the sole purpose of taking the emails and stashing them into an Inbox in my Obsidian vault. This should be pretty straightforward, and I’m certain a full email server like docker-mailserver is probably overkill, but would most likely be easiest to implement.

Has anyone done this already?


Depending on your tech stack, there are probably easier solutions. On macOS, for instance, it should be possible to write Applescript to take messages sent to e.g., [email protected], convert them to markdown, and drop them in a folder.

This’d have to run on a routine via something like Keyboard Maestro.

But it is a neat idea nonetheless!

@ryanjamurphy … this sounds like a simpler approach, and my mac Mini is always on anyhow. It could just convert, OCR, whatever and stash it into my Inbox in my Vault (which is sync’ed with Dropbox anyhow) and then available everywhere.

Thanks for the idea, I think I’m going to lean in that direction.

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Just to close this out, thanks to L.D. Chen we have a plugin now that will fetch email with specific labels from Gmail. Still early days, and new features needed (e.g. handling attachments) but still very useful.

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