Email fowarding to Obsidian

I’m new to Obsidian (ex Evernote user) and was wondering if there was any way of forwarding emails to an address that saves those emails to notes in Obsidian?

One of the main features I miss most (only one of few lol).

Many thanks!


Not built-in. I’d guess there’s no plugin either, but you could search in Settings > Community Plugins > Browse.

Unlike Evernote which stores your notes on a web server, Obsidian stores your notes as text files on your device. So to get something into your vault you just need to be able to save it as a file in your vault folder (an .md file or one of the supported attachment types if you want it to open in Obsidian).

If your email app lets you save emails as files you could save them to your vault folder, tho they wont open in Obsidian (Obsidian will send them to your default app for that file type). Since they’re probably a kind of text file, if the Save dialogue allows it you could change the file extension to .md so they’ll open in Obsidian.

If you’re using a cloud service to sync your vault, there may be a way to forward the email to that service (possibly via something like Zapier or IFTTT).

I have not tried this implementation yet, but there is a medium post on this topic:
Email Notes to Obsidian | by Patrick Berry.

The vault is stored on a Cloud Drive (Microsoft OneDrive) and uses IFTTT as suggested by CawlinTeffid.

The author also suggests it is possible to

Create an Obsidian plugin to automatically download linked attachments


There is a new plugin Omnivore (as a read-it-later app). It can provide an email address to collect emails. you just need to sync obsidian with Omnivore from time to time.

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