Electron version as of v. 13.30/13.31

Hi - The announcement for v. 0.13.30 indicated that a new download was required to fit the upgrade from Electron 13 to 16. And the engine is further upgraded to v.17 with Obsidian 0.13.31.

But after both upgrades my Developer Tools window is still showing Electron 13.

I’m checking by clicking on Console, then typing: process.versions.electron or navigator.userAgent . System response in both cases shows version “13.5.2”.

Methods of checking per this thread:

Is this a concern? Thanks…Jerome

17.1.1 for me

Yikes, thanks. Many others will miss the engine upgrade as well, and require instructions on what to do next.

Maybe. I don’t know. I didn’t do anything special.
When I upgrade from a new download from the website, I always close Obsidian before installing - but that’s all I do. And that’s just an assumption that installing a new installer might require the old one to be out of action.

I did as well, on 0.13.30. A full uninstall before a fresh install of 0.13.31 did the trick this time around. Electron 17.1.1. But there are definitely going to be users still running these new versions on Electron 13.

The “About” page should probably throw an alert on an out-of-date Electron engine.

Rgds - Jerome


I did this and got 16.0.10

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