Electron Build v.0.12.3 crashing when opening

Steps to reproduce

  • Download v 12.3 from the website (as recommended, to take advantage of the Electron build), copy to applications
  • Open Obsidian 12.3
  • The application will open and ask to select a vault
  • Select a vault to open

Expected result

The application should open the selected vault.

Actual result

Obsidian crashes (“quits unexpectedly”, as I receive a prompt to report to Apple). Everytime I try to open it again, it simply crashes and does not open. See video:


  • Operating system: macOS High Sierra, 10.13.6

  • Obsidian version: 12.3

Additional notes

The problem seems to be the Electron build, as Obsidian still works fine with installer version v.0.8.4 updated to v.0.12.3.

does the help vault works?

Just tested - yes, it does

Still, when I try to open any other vault, it crashes:

Do you have ‘Optimize Mac Storage’ enabled for iCloud Drive?

Yes, but as you can see from the first video, this also happens with vaults that are not in iCloud (I tried opening a backup that was in the Downloads folder and the same thing happened).

If you create a new vault, does it work?

Surprisingly yes! However, when I try to open my actual vault it crashes (and then won’t ever open again unless I uninstall and reinstall Obsidian).

I suppose this indicates there might some conflict within my vault? What’s weird to me is that I can open all of it fine on both the installer version 0.8.4 with updates, and on mobile it all works as well.

You have some faulty plugin or css. Delete (move out) .obsidian in your vault and start fresh.

I moved out the entire .obsidian folder and it opened. I then moved back the plugins, themes and snippets folders to back to the vault, and it is still working. So this is solved! I’ll just make some more notes for documentation purposes because it wasn’t a plugin or css, but perhaps some file that was inherited from older builds.

You can find the full crash report here.

The original folder that Electron wouldn’t open had all these files:

The new folder has only these:

I figure one of the files in the first one was causing issues. Thank you for your patience!


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