Electron 25 is now EOL, please upgrade to a newer version

Use case or problem

According to Electron’s public timeline version 25 is no longer supported as of Dec 5, 2023.

Proposed solution

Update to the latest Electron version 28 (or 29 depending on what’s currently stable) to stay current for the foreseeable future.


+1 on this. Could solve many problems relating to wayland on linux in particular


+1. Obsidian just broke for all NixOS users because Electron reached EOL.


We don’t provide support for the Nixos package because we don’t make it. It’s a third party who does it.

The packages we provide are in our homepage.

Electron will be updated when the next public release happens.


I checked, and manually updating the nixos package to use electron 26, 27 or 28 results in a blank black screen when launching obsidian.

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Has this Eelectron update been postponed?

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Yes, it was postponed.

If you have issues using it in NixOS or home-manager have a look at Obsidian requires Electron 25 now EOL · Issue #273611 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub :slight_smile:
There are some workarounds that keep you using Obsidian with an EOL Electron version.

To the others in the thread here: Is there some official statement regarding postponing the Electron upgrade? It has quite some implications using a possible exploitable dependency (looking at past CVEs this is not that far off). Is there anything the community could assist you with?


Electron v26+ supports CSS scroll-driven animations which allows you to do some fancy things in themes like add shadow indicators when scrolling inside an element.

Here is an example: https://imgur.com/C42ItRw

On Arch Linux, Electron was updatet to v27 today, and Obsidian doesn’t start anymore.
There is a message on Arch Linux forum.


Obsidian not working on NixOS nor Arch

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Obsidian 1.5.8 was updated to use electron 28. Please download and reinstall from our website.
Again, we are not related nor provide support for packages made by third parties.

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