Eisenhower Matrix - Kanban Style

I whipped up a simple Eisenhower Matrix tool leveraging the Kanban plugin and a CSS snippet. The goal was to have drag-and-drop functionality but keep the additional dependencies minimal. The ending results function well and doesn’t needlessly complicate anything in your vault.

More info at:



Well done!

But, wouldn’t it be better to use the cssclasses property instead of attaching “e-matrix” to file name? Asking out of curiosity.


Unfortunately, the Kanban plugin doesn’t use the cssclasses property.

Yeah, but i mean you could use it for your CSS in this case.

I meant using a “eisenhower” selector in your css code, instead of

.kanban-plugin__board > :has(* > div > div[data-hitboxid*="e-matrix"]) {
// CSS Styling

you could probably write

.eisenhower .kanban-plugin__board {
// CSS Styling

which eliminates the need for adding e-matrix to file name. Only the files generated with Kanban Plugin and which have:

cssclasses: eisenhower

in the frontmatter would render it as an Eisenhower Matrix. Am I wrong?

I really like this modification of Kanban. But I have a question…
Is there any way to customize the background color? I have two Kanban, and I wanted them to be colored differently.

@TfTHacker this is fab! I’ve attempted to juggle something together but I’ve no idea what I’m doing lol. This is great, really appreciated.

Yes that would be useful

Edit: @roze I see @TfTHacker has already addressed this in the linked article


Yeah, so I was looking into this myself (which is how I ended up here).

The frontmatter in a kanban board is bugged and it only displays it on the markdown edit, not the actual board. I was testing this and I was going crazy thinking I messed something up but it’s just bugged, so this is just the workaround you have to do to get it to work.

Yeah, it’s true that Kanban frontmatter is a little buggy.
But the frontmatter is displayed on the Properties panel all the time anyway.

I am digging this just because of the file naming convention. It is unintuitive to add text to the filename for just this purpose instead of the metadata, IMO.