Efficient way to take Notes from Videos

Take timestamped Notes directly into obsidian


  • Windows PC
  • Vlc Media Player installed on your PC

I want to showcase an application i created

hey guys !
Over the course of the time
i managed to pack many features into the app
if guys are interested to see how it works

Basic Features

  • take notes both local video / internet videos
  • Time stamp and screenshots directly into obsidian
  • OCR screenshots
  • sticky video player attach to edge of screen , keep its aspect ratio
  • control player ( non active window ) with hotkeys (changeable) and hotstrings
    (changeable) simultanously
  • Open source
  • work with even a notepad

A quick video of showcasing what it does


Hope it helps somebody

Try it out and if you have any suggestion feel free to post it
Thank you

  • added capability of creating playlist from youtube playlist

Thank you for creating such an amazing tool! I have a few feature requests and questions, please see below.

  1. Is there any way to hardcode the YouTube quality setting and also ensure it persists when browsing to other YouTube videos?

  2. Is it possible to save screenshots in the original quality? Right now the screenshots are much lower quality. I paused a video and took a manual screenshot and it was much sharper compared to the one taken by the app.

  3. Is it possible to enable video thumbnail previews when hovering the mouse cursor over the time bar of the view similar to how it works when browsing YouTube in the web browser? If not, would it be possible to have an option to view videos in the web browser instead of VLC to preserve this functionality (may require a chrome extension)? Alternatively would it be possible to view it in Obsidian directly similar to other plugins?

Your kind consideration and help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

great app! Here are three suggestions that may be useful:

  1. for snapshots saving location, seems that we can only choose once in the popup window, and I didn’t see a setting to change it. This will be needed if one changes the location of the obsidian vault, or when someone has multiple vaults. Actually, it seems to make more sense if one can save the snapshots according to one’s setting in his obsidian vaults (to a common assets folder of the vault or into a subfolder of the current note depending on the user’s setting). It seems that all that is needed is to save the snapshot to the clipboard and then do a paste operation in Obsidian at its current cursor location. If the developer wants to preserve its current way of operation, it may be worth offering the user an option to 1. preserve its current policy and allow the user to change the path or 2. offer a switch in the settings of vlcnotes in vlcnotes to indicate that the users want to use the operation I described to overwrite the current policy.
  2. For the timestamp, I would suggest adding a setting in vlcnotes to choose whether the user wants a pure text, or want to have a link in the form of [02:03](file:///path/filename.mp4#t=123), similar to what “media extended” plugin does so that one doesn’t have to go to the file explorer and navigate to the correct file.

3, I didn’t find a way to full-screen (double-click or enter won’t do); ESC has no effect, and “space” will trigger an exit somehow, which might cause an accidental exit.

finally, it might worth considering offering a setting pane to let the users customize the hotkeys

Regarding the second suggestion, if offering timestamps with links would cause many difficulties, it may be worth considering offering another function combined with another hotkey, which gives the timestamp in the pure text format, followed by sth like [link] (file:///path/filename_outside_vault.mp4#t=123) or [link] (filename_within_vault.mp4#t=123)

Moreover, if it is difficult to adjust the video progress IN VLCNOTES when one clicks on the said link, the suggested modification is still useful because at least one can use media extended to use these links.

type //linktime once
then //t will give a link time rather than plain text

or in settings add a hotkey or hotstring for link time and use this hotkey or hotstring to paste link time

  1. snapshot saving location can be changed from settings
  2. set a hotkey or hotstring for link time stamp in settings
  3. cause eludes me at the moment and time is hard to come by , progress is slow
  1. youtube quality is handled by ytdlp , if there is 720p available it will choose that or any best quality available with video and audio are merged together. for youtube the highest quality video , the video and audio are not together so cant really be played directly with out downloading them seperatley and then merge it

  2. change the width of screenshot in settings , remove width for original qualify

  3. this impossible with vlc