Efemkay's modular-css-layout snippets not working. Also other community plugins aren't working


somehow the Obsidian Modular Layout doesn’t work. I installed the Snipped Downloader Community-Plugin by Lisandra-dev. And Contextual Typography.

When I follow the instructions (here for instance) to put the front-matter

cssGroup: wide-view

on top of a note where I want to apply the snippet nothing changes.

Also the multi-column-layout from this snippet compilation doesn’t work

Like the example

> [!multi-column]
>> [!note]+ Work
>> your notes or lists here. using markdown formatting
>> [!warning]+ Personal
>> your notes or lists here. using markdown formatting
>> [!summary]+ Charity
>> your notes or lists here. using markdown formatting

When I add this to a note nothing happens.

How do I even get these settings menus?


So I have the feeling obsidian doesn’t care what I put in the yml front-matter or about the callout snippets.

Also the Advanced Tables Plug-In doesn’t work.

If I enter a pipe nothing happens.

Is there some plugin lacking for the appropriate event-handling or something?

Any Ideas?

Thank you very much.

Hi there. I authored the MCL. Anyway, for the wide view ur yaml syntax is slightly wrong, it should be

cssClass: wide-page

For multi column, maybe u can share screenshot how the it looks. Also r u using any specific theme. Just to cover all basis, MCL has 3 css file that u need to enable. Wide view and multi column is two separate css file .

Btw i suspect u may not yet enabled the css after u download it. Settings > Appearance > CSS snippets.

On the plugin, i think u haven’t enabled it as well. Go to Settings > Community plugins and enabled the installed plugins

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Dear @efemkay,

thank you very much for your answer!

“cssGroup” is a typo. Of course I mean “cssClass” but it still makes no difference.

I made screenshots of my Settings menu. I suspect there is something not right.

Thank you very much for your help.

Yours sincerly,

Judging by this screenshot, it seems that the css is not loaded, else you would have “MCL Gallery Cards”, “MCL Multi Column” and “MCL Wide Views” appear similar to your “font” css there.

You can check if the css files are there by opening the .obsidian/snippets/ directory by clicking the folder icon to farthest right but same line as title “CSS snippets”. If somehow the downloader plugin not downloading it correctly, you may manually save the css from my latest update here – Release 0.4.2 Width control for Multi Column sub-callouts + fixes · efemkay/obsidian-modular-css-layout (github.com)

Also, maybe this gif would help u a bit if u still want to try the plugin to download.

how to install and enable MCL.gif (1280×1000) (raw.githubusercontent.com)

Helle @efemkay

thank you very much for answering my problem with your snippet repo and Snippet Downloader Plugin in person. I re-installed it and it now works.

It’s great to have a wide-page and multi column layouting.

That’s some great work.

Can you tell more one more thing please? What is this Settings menu?



By installing Style Settings from Community plugins, u would have more control like for example, the width of normal page.

Once u install the plugin, u can control those by going to Settings > Style Settings. This would also house theme settings if u use community plugin/theme that supports it. This screenshot shows i hv my snippets n two plugins that uses it for finer control.

Hello @efemkay,

Thanks !

Yours sincerely,

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