Editor settings indicate an outdated editor. ( Mac )


In the EDITOR settings I can read that the editor is too old.
This is combined with the request to restart Obsidian.

I have restarted and also installed the latest software version. ( Version 1.1.9 Installer 1.1.9 )

However, the error notice still exists.

My question:
What do I have to do so that this error notice no longer appears.

Thanks for your support.

The native English reads a bit differently. It’s not an error. Leave it toggled off and don’t worry about it.

This option is still available for people who want to use the old editor. From Discord:

Source mode isn’t going away! The new editor has both source and live preview modes, live preview is just the default. See this chart:

Editor update chart


Hi ariehen,
thanks for this complete information.

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