Editor keeps nagging about not saving file

What I’m trying to do

Trying to write notes without getting distracted and spammed by errors.

But (probably because I’m on a vpn), Obsidian keeps nagging it can’t save the file I’m working on. Even though it does save the file eventually (I can see it synced in my phone).

How do I disable / hide these errors? I have almost 5 of them showing up at the same time, constantly.


Things I have tried

None as I can’t find a plugin or setting to get rid of this error notification.

You should not ignore this error. It’s warning you of potential data loss.

Where is your vault stored?

I’m not losing data though, I can see the synced contents on my phone.

It’s located on a hard disk, which is in a docking station, connected with USB.

Synced how?

Obsidian Sync

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