Editor: inconsistent code with tabs vs spaces

When I set Obsidian to use tabs to indent my files, the following code gets generated:

<span class="cm-hmd-list-indent cm-hmd-list-indent-2">
    <span class="cm-tab" role="presentation" cm-text="	">    </span>

With the .cm-tab span duplicated for each level of indent.

When I set Obsidian to indent with spaces, the generated code looks like:

<span class="cm-hmd-list-indent cm-hmd-list-indent-1">
 &nbsp; &nbsp;

With " &nbsp; &nbsp;" repeated for each indent.

This causes styling to break for, e.g. Vertical lines for indents - #6 by anthonybullard

Would it be possible to wrap the space-indented code in a span like with tabs, one for each level of indent?