Editor edits without adding marks, and preview cut some pixels out

Steps to reproduce

After closing the note and opening it again, the issue did not happen. But since it happened I think it is worth to report:

  1. the preview mode using `![[foo]]´ is not redenring well, and the note is cut on the left side: the word “notes” is cut.
  2. maybe I am missing the correct spacing, if so, I am sorry; but the editor is reading a piece of text as code, when it is not, and I did not typed ``

Actual result

  1. the word “notes” is cut
  2. editor seems to read the quote “- what is happening here?” as if it was ´foo´
    2020-10-30 (1)


  • Operating system: Windows 10 ver 2004
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.9

This looks like an issue with the theme. Let us know if this occurs in the default theme!

Code is also rendered when text is indented (this is in the Markdown spec). So if you have spaces in front of a line, it may render as code.

I thought that, and changed theme but the problem persisted. The screenshot is using the default

aah, makes sense. I knew I was missing something.

thanks @ryanjamurphy

Ah, the first one is using the default theme? Mind pasting the transclusion note and the transcluded note here?

mean while upgraded the version to 0.9.10

here they are — I just noticed that the problem persists.

source of the referenced note:

2020-11-01 (4)
2020-11-01 (6)

reference in another note
2020-11-01 (5)
2020-11-01 (7)

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can you put the files somewhere so we can try to reproduce this issue?

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note01 is referenced in note02

issue01.zip (654 Bytes)

OK, there is a problem in handling the checkboex - [ ]
It’s probably a css thing.
I will open a new bug report and archive this.

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Thanks for checking this out! :slight_smile:

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