Editor doesn't suport "\&\e\m\s\p; "

Use case or problem

the editor don`t suport these characters, “&\e\m\s\p; &#\8\1\9\5; &\e\n\s\p; &#\8\1\9\4; &\n\b\s\p; &#\1\6\0;”

Are you by any chance using live preview?

The following block of markup:

81 95
81 94

Produces this output in reading mode:

And this in live preview:

So the output differs depending on your viewing mode, and the difference is most likely due to live preview using a different markdown engine (aka CodeMirror) then the one used in reading mode (aka Prism).

OK thanks !

Hi @JasonBourne,

Was this topic solved or do you need more information?

yes, this issue has been solved.

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