Editor behaviour auto-pairing

I was looking for similar requests and found none.
My request is simple: could we separate auto-pairing brackets and quotes? Pairing brackets are handy, but with quotes, not always.


I think this generally has mixed opinions amongst most text editors…

I don’t think you’ll find Obsidian’s devs feeling strongly about either side on this one.

Sometimes you need pairing in quotes (developer docs for example), sometimes you don’t (formal papers)

Given that Obsidian is probably equally used by devs and academia, you’ll probably get a lot of “I don’t know/I’m not sure about this” from the community and the devs.

At various points during text editing you’ll find yourself wanting to disable the setting and re-enable it again. We might as well have two settings to play the game. I simply don’t see how the two are related enough to come under one setting.

That would introduce a new frustration: remembering to toggle pairing back on.

I don’t think there’s a way to escape how frustrating character pairings can be.

I work with a lot of text with lexical items in them. There are multiple types of quotes and apostrophes that need attention (usually I use backticks now to handle all since using Obsidian).
But of course, all this is trivial and hardly merits any more to-and-fro-ing.


Unrelated: how were you able to ignore the template when creating this feature request? There is supposed to be a template that appears when a new topic is created in #feature-requests, but it seems like it is being ignored by everyone.

(Copying and pasting this across multiple threads to try and get some insight into the problem.)

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Can you not just Ctrl+A and delete it?

I use Linter to standardise my Zotero-imported quotes/apostrophes but still have to manually oversee what is in the text.

You can, but why? We made the template for many reasons.

I was assuming that it fails to appear sometimes. If folks are just ignoring our instructions and deleting them, perhaps we’ll just start deleting submissions that ignore the template…


While I understand the need to have outsiders (us) help out in the way of organization (have to pay or reward staff or volunteers less), you also have to understand us, users: we are not children here.

Having said that, I’d actually kind of like to have this thread removed. Enough is enough.


Or if its possible unpublish them. Force the user to rewrite the post. Thats how many reddit communities do it

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I think it’s a good feature request. If you want to stop following a thread, you can unfollow or mute it at the bottom.

(Also yeah, if you’re asking for features, it’s your choice, but it would be respectful and helpful to provide info and help us stay organized. Otherwise it’s just more likely to get lost in the sea of other requests. The template is far more important for bug reports. And people have been ignoring that too, which is why we’re trying to figure out “why”.)