Editing on iOS does have copy and paste icons

Steps to reproduce

  • Copy some content (text should be good)
  • Open any document in Obsidian on iOS (not iPadOS).
  • Start editing and try to paste to the cursor position.

Expected result

There should be a popup (like when you select some text inside obsidian) to copy & paste. Or there should be a copy/cut/paste icon on the keyboard candidates bar.

Actual result

Nothing pops up when tapping on the cursor. Need to type a few characters then select them, tap the highlight, and the pop up shows up. This is quite annoying because this workaround sometimes fails too.


  • Operating system: iOS 15.1
  • Obsidian version: 1.05

Additional information

The poping up feature should be a very fundamental one on iOS, but I have no idea if it is overwritten by Obsidian or not. Iā€™m not using any community plugins during the bug report.

And the interesting is that, on iPadOS, when you tap the cursor, there is a pop up!:joy::joy::joy:


I am experiencing the exact same any fix? Only works if cursor is at the start of the line.

Same for me.

Having the same problem. Using three fingers is a workaround only.