Editing notes outside obsidian

Not sure how many obsidian users know this, but is it is perfectly safe to edit an obsidian note with another application, even while obsidian is running. When you save the changes, obsidian notices that and reindexes the note. I do this quite often using vscode or some other text editor that has macros or plugins that I can’t use in obsidian itself yet. I’ve never noticed any issues with doing this. I once changed all the properties in all my notes using a python script and they all were indexed correctly afterwards.

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I also use VSCode to sometimes make changes. I also use PowerShell if I have to make bulk changes to my notes (eg. change the footer on every journal) or NotePad++ if I want to do a find/replace across my vault (eg. replace ‘Modified’ with ‘modified’). Things to be careful about include:

  • Don’t change file names outside of Obsidian or any existing links to that file may be broken.
  • Don’t move linked files outside of Obsidian or any existing links to that file may be broken.

Windows & Linux: I also use vscode

Android: I use the Markor Android app and its QuickNote for quick entry without having to open Obsidian or when due to low RAM it has dropped out of memory & relaunching the app+plugins+workspaces is not needed & would take too long. I also like using Markor & VS Code to check that my notes are usable outside of Obsidian.

My Markor settings make it access my Obsidian vault files location:

Obsidian.PNG | Markor settings.PNG

I use the following settings for all my Obsidian vaults …

Under Files and Links:

  1. “Default location for new notes” - “Same folder as current file”.
  2. “New Link Format” - “Relative path to file”.
  3. “Use [[Wikilinks]]” - “off” … yet I still get the advantages of [[]]
  4. Detect all file extensions - enabled
  5. “Default location for new attachments” - “In subfolder under current folder”.
  6. “Subfolder name” - value: “attachments”.