Editing images and PDFs inside the app

Hi! I just move in from the bear app, and I been using obsidian for some weeks now
I love the organization method that the app uses, it’s just perfect for my degree, but I have some observations that might increase work flow while taking notes in a lecture
Once you insert an image or PDF it gets store in a folder inside your computer
You can edit them from your system preview program and add highlights, annotations or even drawings if your using a tablet. Your modification will synchronize with Obsidian and you’ll be able to see your edits

It works, but the process is slow an tedious because you have to search for your file on a different window on a different program
I think obsidian will benefit if you could edit your files inside the note that your working on without getting off the app, if you could implement the system editing software, as the bear app does, you could edit your files anytime without losing time in a lecture
I’m not really knowledge on tech and programming, but I don’t see this option that far away
As I said, you can edit your files outside obsidian and it will show on the app, but the process is slow and annoying.
In a future I would love to see more features related with handwritten notes and insert drawings without using a plugin!

Thanks for the awesome apps! It has helped me a lot with college
Sorry if my English is broken at times, I’m Hispanic

If you right click the doc in your note you can select “reveal file in navigation” or “show in system explorer”. That should speed things up some.