Editing commands on a mobile device

Things I have tried

I’ve had a little experience modifying Obsidian commands in Obsidian on my MacBook. On my iPhone I don’t know where to start. I don’t know the names of the menus I want to change.

What I’m trying to do

I’m attaching a screenshot of the menu in mobile Obsidian I want to change. What is it called?

And WIAI, is there somewhere in the Obsidian documentation that I can get the names of the other menus, mobile and desktop?

I hope I got you right. You want to customize your Mobile Toolbar Options. For that:

  1. Click that box in top left corner
  2. Click the settings in top right corner
  3. Select Mobile

Here you can add, remove and change position of Mobile Toolbar Options.

If you are looking for command pallette (cmd + p). Then from any note pull top to bottom. You will get it.

If it didn’t work go to settings. Under Core Plugins check whether “command pallette” toggle is on.

If you are looking for slash commands. Same way check whether toggle on under core plugins in settings for “slash commands”. If yes type / and search for command.

I hope this helps if not let me know your requirements bit clearly.

Thanks. I knew about editor toolbar and how to edit it. I didn’t know about the slash commands and they were not enabled. I’m familiar with the command palette. I’ve barely used it. The scannable list of commands provided by the latter two is somehow off putting to me. I should get familiar with them.

Asking about are the lists of commands accessed via the three stacked dots in the upper right corner and the three stacked bars in the lower right corner when a note is open. I’m attaching screenshots showing the lists of commands provided by each of them.

Commands accessed via three dots:

Commands accessed via three bars; I’m especially interested in these.

I got your requirement. But I am not aware of a method customizing them. And I think they are default. (Cannot be changed).

However, the three options I gave you will be OK. I think.

1st Option:
Mobile Toolbar:
You can place frequently used commands in it.

2nd and 3rd option gives you a lot of options. I understand, you can be confused. However, Good thing about it is you can search for command.

The 2nd option command pallette also have a cool feature where you can pin commands. You can do it from settings under core plugins section command pallette. So the pinned commands will be shown first. When you pull out the command pallette.

Bonus: If you like to check all existing commands in a more organized way. Go to Hotkeys in settings. There you can find all the commands. If you use a keyboard for Mobile as I do. You can even set hotkeys.

The commands accessed via the lower right corner can be modified via Appearance > Ribbon menu. Click Manage and adjust it to your needs.

Thanks. That’s what I was looking for.

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