Editable Reading View?

I use obsidian in Preview Mode for the majority of time, I use a lot of usual markdowns like #, link, or color text etc. I am really troubled by the text blinking when I move my curor into any text with markdowns. Tried using Source Mode but it’s too unreadable.

So I thought if I can edit texts in Reading View that would just be perfect – I can just toggle back to Preview or Source Mode to edit markdowns if I need to. This way I will control over if the text will blink or not when I am typing texts.

Anyone know how to make a plugin for this?..

I second this. I rarely want to see the full syntax/context of the thing under the cursor, just on creation, and deep-edit (e.g. of code blocks). I constantly switch between edit/source/preview.

I guess one solution, like other MD editors is to have a pinned side-by-side view.

You can already do this.

Care to elaborate? :sweat_smile:

Maybe I didn’t understand well your message, but you can already pin side by side the two view, reading and source/preview.