Editable page previews in edit mode

Use case or problem

I really like link previews and use them all the time, also in edit mode with Ctrl+hover. When I do, I often find quick edits to make in the previewed pages. At such point, I can either break my primary editing flow and go edit what I previewed - or not, and be left with a bit of a distracting brain itch :wink:

Proposed solution

Simple: Editable page preview frames, when in edit mode. Let them show raw markdown and allow for making those quick edits in the preview frame. Can be accessible through Ctrl+Alt+hover or Ctrl+Shift+hover to differentate from the existing preview.

Advanced: edit / preview mode toggle for individual preview frames.

Ideal: all pages and previews WYSIWYM editable :slight_smile:

Current workaround (optional)

To make an edit within a preview frame I need to move mouse away so that the frame disappears, Ctrl+Click the link, jump to the page or section I previewed, make the edit and return to the place I was primarily working on.

Related feature requests (optional)


I think this idea of being able to edit within Preview Pane is wonderful. It will save a lot of time instead of trying to open in a new tab and ⌘ E to edit. And worse yet, when I change to edit mode and the whole page shift and it takes me to navigate the editing location. Very annoying and time-wasting.

I can’t wait to see the Preview Pane can be editable without opening any extra window!!

There is a wonderful Community Plugin for this, i just installed and tested it, works absolutely fine:

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