Edit transcluded (embedded) notes (blocks) in place (likely requires WYSWYG first)

AFAIK, no statements. That in and of itself is a safe statement (:rofl:) because the devs do not say what their intentions are beyond the roadmap.

TBH, I don’t think this will get implemented as there are some plug-ins that offer a clunky workaround.

I am stunned that a sophisticated app like Obsidian, chockfull of features, does not have this rather basic once. Oh well ……


I understand and appreciate your logical analysis of the potential for this to be implemented. I have personally decided not to give up hope, and try to believe that, for example, due to technical design decisions, this feature would be safer developed in the background so as to allow the software to first get to a desired state. In my scenario, the developers feel comfortable that only after that point, will this effort be made public, and only after seeing some significant positive signs for eventual success. Like perhaps doing it the other way around would possibly jeopardize the ability to get a number of key features made. And maybe these features are more important to the future of the software.

As far as I have seen, I don’t believe they have ever released features then removed them, except perhaps small things like the split commands on mobile or accidental behind the scenes feature leaks in insider release; and for that, I can only think of one release where there was a “regexp” button within the “search and replace within file” interface, and I may be mistaken about what I think I saw.

I wouldn’t necessarily call editable embeds a basic feature, but, if implemented as core within Obsidian, it would be such a major step forward. And I take solace in the fact that there hasn’t been a statement that it would never happen. So, let’s try to stay positive and not give up hope. I imagine there may be others waiting to be pleasantly surprised with this at some point, like Obsidian has already done so many times before.



Embeds/transclusions have been a (distinguishing) feature of Obsidian almost from the beginning. Offering embeds without a means to edit them in a seamless way does not make sense, IMO.

Off topic, but it is like the global search and replace function. Obsidian has a global search function but not a replace to go with it? This too is what I would call a basic feature.

But perhaps you are right and editable embeds will eventually come. Inshallah.


This so completely expresses why I too have not yet given up on editable embeds coming to Obsidian. And while I do get where @Klaas is coming from, I think there is yet another cause for hope that editable embeds will come to Obsidian - the need for Obsidian to remain relatively competitive with other PKM tools.

We are starting to see many other tools in the PKM space include editable embeds as a core feature (Logseq, Tana, Capacities, RemNote, to name a few). And this would seem to indicate that, in the long run, editable embeds may become a fundamental (and necessary) feature of any serious PKM software. An example of this is the recently released beta build of Obsidian that includes a beautiful and robust implementation of “Properties” as metadata. It would not seem unreasonable to contemplate that the implementation of this feature was motivated (or at least inspired) by its presence as a headlining feature in other tools in the PKM space.

I also can’t help but feel that the release of Obsidian’s new “Bookmarking” feature might also bode well for the implementation of editable embeds. By giving us the ability to bookmark not just files but also folders, graphs, searches, headings AND (most importantly) blocks, and to do so with right-click ease and simplicity, it would seem that the Obsidian developers have laid the groundwork not just for editable embeds but for an overall more robust system for transclusions altogether.

And yes, this is indeed all wishful thinking… but hey, a boy can dream. :smiling_face:


You say there are plugins that offer clunky workarounds… which ones are you referring to? Please don’t say Make.md because it’s just a pile of bugs and I challenge anybody to actually use that for more than a day without losing their hair.


I use Hover editor daily if I’m using desktop Obsidian. You can make quick edits to notes from the Search tab, embedded notes, etc. Works great and doesn’t feel clunky to me.

I agree with the take on Make.md for this context, too buggy of embedded edits to be useful (and way too big in general, imo). As for Hover Editor, it’s useful but the reason it’s a workaround and not a solution is that the editable popup windows are no longer embedded - they take a half-second to load and feel disconnected from the already-loaded transcluded text on the page, which often breaks my train of thought (in the same way that just opening the embed in the current active pane does).


Yep, I was thinking about Make.md, and also about the Hover Editor. Regarding the latter, I don’t agree with @ariehen, I do agree with @ryanwwest.


Please improve copy block embed also visually. I mean, now pasted block embed has “chain” icon linking to original text. It would be nice if on hover it could display pop-up with source note title. I know it can be seen in outgoing links but such small improvement would be nice and reduce clicks.

Would be nice if next to original copied text were also this “chain” icon showing where it was pasted.

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That is possible with css.

.markdown-embed-link, .file-embed-link {
    opacity: 0;

.markdown-embed-link:hover {
    opacity: 1;

Did you tested it? I am new to Obsidian. Can you tell me where to put this css? In my voult/.obsidian/snippets folder? I created embeded.css file there and pasted this code, activated snippet in Settings →Appearance and restarted Obsidian but I don’t see any change. It doesn’t show title nor original not shows icon.

Yes, you need to put it in that folder as a .css file, then enable the file in Settings > Appearance.

I know the code works because I use it myself.

Could you make a screenshot or gif how it looks. Because for me, it only made icon of link invisible until I hover on it. It doesn’t shows any title of linked note.
And according to this site opacity refers to visibility. The only thing it changes is that The link icon is not always visible. But when I hover on it still shows “open link” pop-up not containing any title os referred element

OK, so you want a pop-up on hover AND the source note title. The css code I provided only does the hover bit, not the title — I don’t know how to do that, I don’t even know if it is possible.

What you could do is use a plug-in (cannot remember the name) that shows the breadcrumbs of an embed.

There is only a plugin for code blocks that seems to show title but I haven’t tried it as I don’t need to use code blocks. I reported it here as a request. But I wish this could be a feature of Obsidian. I wish it was easy to jump back and forth from destination to source and back easily without operating panels. Working with some links in panels is good when making structures and organizing but not so good when just reading and learning. I will leave this remark as my request.

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Agree and not just because we have the same name.

The MAKE.md solution is elegant but buggy; having this as a functional core feature would be next-level.

edit 2023-08-30_1603-55: by “next-level”, I mean it would improve the efficiency of maintaining notes, their usability, and potential growth.


I do think the Obsidian team is undervaluing just how much the ability to seamlessly edit embeds would skyrocket Obsidian to a new userbase. It is such an awesome feature to the point that it’s one of those things that sets a piece of software apart from the rest.

Make.md is too broken and buggy to use (even if you disable all its options except the embed edit feature it leaves other things on and mucks things up in ways that it shouldn’t, so it’s a non-starter. Anybody who recommends this plugin implicitly reveals themselves as someone who suggests things before trying them for more than a second). As for the Hover Editor, it’s a very clunky workaround because it only works using hover which means you either have to deal with the popup constantly showing up when you move through a document OR you increase the delay to the point that it’s out of the way but no longer useful.

The ability to edit embeds natively would completely EXPLODE obsidian to a new level and it’s GUARANTEED to stir a buzz up about Obsidian - more than a new logo, that’s for sure.


I do know of around 100+ other users who would want this from a CEO that tested Obsidian as an internal wiki tool whos pain point was having the ability to update data everywhere with once (eg: transclusions).

I showed her Obsidian but she opted out due to not having this feature.

If you combine it with this post and reddit, we’re looking at 200+ people at least who are voting for this. At least that I know of!


Yeah this is probably the most important feature that Obsidian devs should be working on right now, bar none.


I wonder if this would be easier if devs moved to inline embeds: https://forum.obsidian.md/t/a-proposal-for-rendering-block-embeds-inline/