Edit transcluded (embedded) notes (blocks) in place (likely requires WYSWYG first)

Make.md has its own Discord with some discussion. I’ve tried their editable embeds, and it’s a good idea but isn’t quite ‘seamless’ yet. Last I checked, you can select an embed and enable its in-place edit mode with 2 mouse clicks, and from then on that particular embed seems to stay in edit mode permanently (but this must be repeated for every embed - they aren’t editable until you use the mouse).

Thereafter, if you use vim keybindings you can use j/k to ‘exit’ the primary note editing and ‘enter’ the embedded note editor, which seems to treat the embedded portion like its own file (so typing G in vim normal mode brings the cursor to the bottom of the embedded note portion, not the bottom of the primary note). To leave the embedded editor you press ‘Escape’, which conflicts with exiting Insert mode in Vim and also escapes you out of all embedded notes to the top-level note in the case of nested embedded notes (which makes it impractical for me for now). You can also use the mouse to enter/leave, and maybe the arrow keys.

Thus it’s a neat way of handling transcluded content edits, but it’s still buggy/inconsistent and needs some more work to be totally seamless (but it’s being actively developed and could have already been updated).


The plug-in is still in beta, so bugginess can be expected.

I cannot comment on vim, I don’t use it.
You should, however, report bugs on the Discord page or on the Github page. Only that way can improvements be made.

There is a Github page.

Thanks! Looks like it’s been in development for about two weeks, and has two contributors. Seems promising.

Agreed that bugginess is to be expected in beta, and yes, these bugs were reported on Discord.

I think the new Canvas is a promising sign of the possibility of this within Obsidian. It’s actually really impressive. They’ve basically achieved this, just in a free form canvas.

Only lacking the ability to link directly to a heading or block, as right now it’s just the whole doc. But it’s still in early development.

If they can just bring that over to a doc format, I think it’s a tick from my end. Still a double click to edit, but feels seamless, and I think it’s actually a good compromise since sometimes you don’t want to edit in place.

I’m also very excited about what they do with “Tasks” in the roadmap, as that sounds like perhaps more of Dynalist coming over.


I disagree. There are notes that one will not bring to a canvas but that are still transcluded. The Make.md plug-in deals with that specifically, among other things.

+1 to the original suggestion. Canvas is great but it’s no replacement for editing an embed in Live Preview mode, which would make the UI more seamless.

@timmb There is a new plug-in in the community collection that does that, it is called Make.md.