Edit Music Tags and Metadata

Hello fellow Obsidian users,
sorry if this has been asked before, I didnt find a match in my first search.

Is there a way to import and edit metadata of my music library in a way that i can use the genres as tags? I found a plugin that can import metadata from musicbrainz database but this doesnt really apply to my actual files. If its not possible I have to find another way but I feel that Obsidian has a lot of potential for organizing music
Please link me to a discussion, as I’m sure somebody must have asked this before

If you haven’t found any plugins, you’ll probably want an app that can generate a list of the genres in your collection. Once you have that as a plain text file you can just search-replace to add hash marks.

i think that would be possible with something related to the music brainz database.

my dream would be to
visualize the connection between releases (songs, albums, artists, labels)

this seems very possible

and b. (and this is most important)
drag and drop all music with a certain tag into a new playlist

do you think this is even possible or just not what obsidian is meant to be?

It might be possible, but I think it will require some work. I’m not sure Obsidian is the right tool for generating playlists, tho it’s probably possible (playlists can be just text files). If you’re really just using genres, I think it would be much easier to just use your music app to do this. I’m pretty sure it’s common to have a feature that makes genre lists, and some apps have a “smart playlist” feature that lets you make a list from a query.

I am slowly putting info about my music collection in Obsidian, but it’s more for notes and reviews. I do add hashtags by hand (unfortunately most music apps don’t allow simple freeform tags, which drives me crazy; I put them in the comments field but it’s an ugly hack).

If you really want to use Obsidian:

There are apps for managing your music collection’s ID3 tags. I imagine some of them might have an option to export metadata of selected music files into a text file. I’m guessing you’re not on Mac, but on Mac I think there are apps that can access the Music app’s database and export the metadata.

So you could probably use something like that to generate info about your music files, which you may need to do some further conversion on to get a text format you want.

Then you put it in Obsidian, and then somehow generate playlists.

it’s not only about playlists if course. I’m hoping to find a holistic approach to organize and learn about music. it will require some effort to conceptualize a structure for accessing the files ant the same time but im fine with this being only partly automated.

so if you know of or find any precious discussion on this topic let me know :slight_smile:

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