Edit mode blockquote has two different sets of quotemarks

Things I have tried

I’m using Blue Topaz theme and trying to make some edits. However, when I insert a blockquote I have two different sets of quotation mark icons. I did not make any changes to the blockquote other than the color of the quotation.

The strange thing is, the gray one is only visible in preview mode.


What I’m trying to do

Can anyone help me resolve this? I don’t care which one stays as long as there is only one.

It’s a conundrum fer-shur :slight_smile:

Hi TaraUnscripted,

I am not sure what style you want. The corresponding style you mentioned in the latest Blue Topaz theme is shown below.

And you could pick it in the Style Settings plugin.

I hope this will be helpful.

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Thanks @whyI - I have the Blue Topaz quote mark enabled and it looks as shown in your screenshots.
After much digging I did figure out how to turn off the additional gray quote mark shown in my screenshot. I had a CSS snippet for generating block quotes (not sure when I added it or if a plugin created it) that was creating the second set. I disabled it and now only the Blue topaz mark shows up.

Happy to help😁

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