Edit and Trim Recordings Within Obsidian

Use case or problem

A common idea many among people who use Obsidian is having atomic notes: isolating every idea by itself so that it can be linked together with other things, without being limited to one given context. I know a lot of people use the Note Refactor plugin to separate text from one note into multiple notes.

Similarly, it would be useful to have at least simple, minimal ways of editing recordings within Obsidian, particularly trimming and splitting them into separate recordings, in order to keep this atomic note idea, but with audio as well as text.

Proposed solution

It could be a plugin rather than a vanilla feature, but basically I want to be able to edit a recording and drag to trim down the length of the recording, so I can determine a new start and/or ending for the recording, and then save it as a copy (or maybe I’m prompted to name the new recording. Either way, it’s a new, separate file, and the original recording is preserved.)

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, since I use Obsidian on my phone as well as my computer, I can access the recording through the file explorer on my phone and open it with an app that allows me to trim it and make a copy like I described, but it’s inconvenient to have to navigate through all the folders to get to it, besides just the fact that I have to leave Obsidian to do it, and I can’t do it very readily if I’m at my computer.