Edit an Excalidraw drawing in an existing adjacent window

I want to incorporate Obsidian into my daily note-taking routine as a student, so I need to switch quickly from writing text (including math) to drawing diagrams or to sketch something on the fly.

I’m trying to use Excalidraw but it doesn’t behave as I’d like: I’d like to set up a split-screen workspace where one window displays the Markdown file, and the other window is dedicated to Excalidraw.
To achieve this, I configured a hotkey that corresponds to the command “Create a new drawing - IN AN ADJACENT WINDOW - and embed into active document” so whenever I need to add a sketch I just press the keys and I’m in the setup I want.

But, when I try to edit an existing drawing by clicking on its preview in the Markdown file, it opens in the same window where I’m typing rather in the “preconfigured” one.

How can I set up this workspace as I intended?

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