Edge tags

Is there anything like “edge tags”?

Here’s my use case. I writing a story in Obsidian. Each scene will be a graph node. I’ll use edges between scenes to describe the order. But there are two different orders, and I’d like to use tags to differentiate between them.

  • One order represents how events actually occurred in time. So an edge A->B with tag #realAfter means that scene B occurs after scene A in real time.
  • The other order represents how events are PRESENTED to the user. So an edge A->B with tag #presentAfter means the reader will be shown scene B after scene A.

These two orders are typically different (say, because of flashbacks). The movie Momento is an perfect example where these edges are the inverse of each other.

My suggestion would be to include the tag like this: Scene B might include [[A#presentAfter]].

Is there anything like that in Obsidian?

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There are a few threads already related to link types (aka typed links aka semantic links), see e.g.: