Easy way to share Obsidian notes with people via Google Docs?

I’m trying to share some notes I took in Obsidian with a manager who doesn’t use Obsidian or other markdown programs. Her tool of choice is Google Docs. When I paste my editing view Obsidian notes into Google Docs, all the markdown comes with it. If I try to paste the reading view notes into Google Docs, it loses all formatting. I feel like my situation can’t be some fringe use case, but I also don’t see an easy way to convert between these two formats. This lack of integration means I cannot easily share notes with my manager, and might make me stop using Obsidian (because I likely won’t be able to get her to use Obsidian).

Are there any easy solutions that I am simply missing? Thanks for your help.

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Export to PDF?

Or install the Obsidian Pandoc community plugin and export to rich text or any other format of your choosing.

Typora or Zettlr can export to a variety of formats if you need something other then pdf. I have Typora set as my default Markdown app and can just right click the file in Obsidian and select open in default app. From there you can export to word, openoffice, RTF, etc.

You could use Pandoc (https://pandoc.org/) and the associated plugin.

Pandoc need to be install on your computer.

I am using mdzk to make a html version of my vault.

One way that works OK for me is to export to PDF, and then import the PDF into Google Docs for editing. It keeps most (but not all) of the formatting. It might be good enough for what you’re trying to do?

Getting content out of Obsidian is frustrating in many ways. Even just getting content into an email is a pain since what’s copied out of Obsidian never looks right in Outlook or Gmail, or even Apple Mail. I would like a way to publish to Google Docs as well.

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