Easy Way to Generate/Copy Wiki Internal Link to Current Note?

What I’m trying to do

I want to be able to easily generate a formatted Wiki internal link to the current note (relative/absolute/shortest etc. as per my Obsidian settings) for pasting.

Things I have tried

  • I think the Obsidian-esque way of doing this is using Ctrl-O or Alt-O to locate a file and select it to insert the link. This works, but many times I’ve got the source note open in another panel and it would be just less friction to somehow copy the link from that panel rather than initiating a search and filtering.
  • I can do this by clicking on the note, selecting copy the path/URI and then pasting the text in its destination and then editing it to format it as a Markdown internal wikilink. Works, but a major hassle, and lots of room for error.
  • More cleaner is to locate the file in the explorer and drag the name over to the destination. But major flow-disruption in fiddling about the explorer, locating the source file etc.
  • Lots of plugins to manage links, but everything I’ve found so far deals with external links or, for internal links – enhancing them in various (neat!) ways etc. But I’ve had no luck finding anything that simply generates a markdown link.

I’m sure I’m missing something!


Try the Various Complements plugin, mate. No need to type in brackets, either.

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Have you tried typing [[ and then give keywords to the note you want to link to? That is the easiest way to create wiki-links. Now, if you want a wiki-link from the note where you are typing copied to the clipboard, I recommend you use the Obsidian42 Text Transporter plugin. You can assign a hotkey to the command Send link of current note to the clipboard and that will do it for you. The plugin also allows you to send internal links to other files easily. Ah, also, you can trigger all these commands by typing / inside your note, that will bring the command palette without you hitting CMD+P.



Thank you both for some great recommendations!

They both do the job well and in slightly different ways, so lots of options :slight_smile:

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