Easy way to donate to future Plugin developers

I just had an Idea that it would be amazing if there was a way to easily donate to the Plugin developers once the API ist out.
My Idea was that you have can chose a plugin every month and a small portion of your Subscription goes to the developer of that plugin.

A feature like this would gratly encourage People to write high quality plugins which I think could make Obsidian very attractive for many people.


I want to revive this topic. Obsidian is an amazing application, but the work plugin developers are doing is absolutely incredible. Plugins are one of the reasons why Obsidian is so flexible and powerful.

So, while the original proposal would be cool, I understand that it is not easy to implement and make it sustainable (at least at this stage). But what about this:

What if Obsidian could fetch the FUNDING.yml file in GitHub repository and show the donations option directly in the Community Plugin page?

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