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Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx

Hi All!

It would be great to be able to get access to one note just with one tab from Android “desktop”.

That feature can be useful, for example, for some kind of shopping lists. And it should be opened with just one tap.

Obsidian mobile app doesn’t have an ability to place widgets. So there should be another solution like making a shortcut for opening a note in Obsidian or other MD-editor.

Any suggestions?

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Android homescreen shortcuts for specific commands or files using the Advanced URI Plugin and the HTTP Request Shortcuts android app.


  1. Open the HTTP Shortcuts app
  2. Click the + button at the bottom right to create a new shortcut
  3. In the dialog that pops up select “Scripting Shortcut”
  4. Give the shortcut a name (and a description and different icon if you want)
  5. Click on “Scripting” to open the Scripting editor
  6. Enter the following JavaScript code:
    type: 'activity',
    action: 'android.intent.action.VIEW',
    dataUri: '',
  7. add the obsidian:// URI in the dataUri string
    • The URI for a specific command can be obtained by using the helper commands in the Advanced URI plugin.
  8. Save changes
  9. Add shortcut to homescreen (press and hold the shortcut on the main screen of the http requests app to access the menu)


You can avoid the Advanced URI plugin altogether if you only want to open files and not use commands. Just use normal obsidian:// URIs.


The good idea but is not fully working now. The widget is not able to open Obsidian (registered bug). Markor is too ugly for my liking :slight_smile:

Variant with HTTP Shortcuts helped a lot. But I had to use not normal but Browser shortcut. Normal requires http or https URIs only modificators.

I was too optimistic according to the shortcut. It always opens the last opened note instead of the note passed via URI:

Don’t know what is wrong.

Think that I should use something like this obsidian://open?vault=my%20vault for opening. Will try it out :slight_smile:

Did it finally with the following code for HTML Shortcuts (use browser shortcut):


Then in started to open the note as it should be.
Direct file opening like obsidian://open?path=%2Fsystem%2FObsidian%F2MyVault%2FMyFileInTheVault.md didn’t helped. I don’t know why. Also the escaping of the spaces and other symbols is a PITA :slight_smile:

That’s odd, the normal shortcuts work fine for me. But if browser shortcut works for you, alright.

Also, use this to avoid the PITA: https://www.urlencoder.io/

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