Easier to drag and drop to root folder

Use case or problem

I want to drag a note from a nested folder to the main folder easily.

Proposed solution

Currently must drag and drop the file on a folder. Let me also drag and drop to other files: which will then move it to the same folder.


Current workaround (optional)

Go to the note, click the “…” menu, “Move file to…”, click “/”.

Related feature requests (optional)

Searched but didn’t find.

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I’m just stating this feature request in other words: when drag and dropping item on the left bar (empty area or item in folder), this should move the item to the vault folder (or the root) in case of empty area, and to the parent folder in the other case. I’m not sure how the setting “Default location for new attachments” should be treated here. Maybe if the user drags and drops image to the empty area in the left side bar, then the default attachments location setting will be used. Or alternatively attachments settings are only applicable when drag and dropping images to notes.