Ease removal of empty 'Untitled' notes

I can’t be the only one who accidentally creates many empty Untitled notes by accident because I’m not in the correct folder. Can we have a feature to monitor for new notes with 1) the title Untitled or Untitled 1 (or any digit) and 2) no note content, and to automatically delete such notes that are active in the editor when the user hits Esc or some other keyboard shortcut?

Alternately or additionally, could we have a command that automatically deletes all files in the vault that meets those same criteria?


Came here to request exactly the same thing.

An option to auto-delete files called Untitled with a file size of zero.


I would say that’s even too complicated. You open a note without changing the title and close it again, it should automatically be deleted.

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Came here to request the same. I also end up with Untitled files everywhere, because they get created in a folder I don’t expect. Would be great if they didn’t get saved unless content was changed…