Ease in being able to use and manage 100s of plug-ins

Use case or problem

Having too many plug-ins affects the vault performance drastically. Currently, the plug-in search and theme search only supports show installed only.

Adding a few more relevant filters such as showing plug-ins that are not installed, which allows plug-in exploration easy, Since there are so many of them. Also, provide some features relevant to managing those plug-ins. Since there are too many plug-ins, Obsidian Vault seems like a mini operating system of knowledge. So, kindly provide an operating system kind of organization such as alphabetical collapsable grouping of plugins and themes (as in the start-menu of Windows 10), grouping of active and disabled plug-ins, and other relevant database kinds of manageability.

Since obsidian is developing rapidly it would be better to add as many database features as possible for bulk management. If possible consider making database folder plugin functionalities default in the core of Obsidian. Since Obsidian is growing so large database management kind of functionalities and visualization tools are needed. kindly, integrate database management functionalities in all relevant aspects of Obsidian apart from plugins and themes browser. As obsidian is designed for adaptability and customization to user needs, it is also essential to provide annotation, layout customizability advanced table management, and fully functional database embeddability features to the core of obsidian for optimized performance. In order to make use of all these features users need longer durations of time so kindly integrate standard and global to-do lists, calendars, and time-tracking in the future. All of these are available as standalone plugins but being so is causing several conflicts and inconsistencies thus integrate them into Obsidian Core for improved performance, integrity, and consistency.

I hope at least some of the above will be addressed in your own unique way as soon as possible,
Thank you