Eagle app integration and image management?

Eagle is an app i use to collect images quickly. I am a radiologist and need to be able to title, tag and add a note to my images. Eagle is able to do all this relatively easily from a screenshot. I was wondering if anyone else has used Eagle and if they’ve found a quick way to integrate it to obsidian?

Thank you!


I also use Eagle and would love to find out a good way to integrate it with Obsidian. Honestly, I have never really tried or researched it, so it very well may already be quite possible for all I know.


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It seems like their focus on metadata is similar to ours on Obsidian. Should be a do-able and honestly groundbreaking for me personally.

I’d also be very interested in this. I’ve looked into using Obsidian and have downloaded it, but due to the uncertainty of how it could integrate with Eagle (which I use very regularly) I’m hesitant to start using it as a primary note-taking app. I don’t see any ticket card for this on the Obsidian Roadmap, is there a way for users to request this card be added to the roadmap on the roadmap itself?

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