Eagerly Populate Full Text Reference Search On Startup

Use case or problem

After an Obsidian restart, the full text fuzzy search that is triggered by typing [[^^ appears to be lazy-loaded. The first time typing [[^^ it can take a long indeterminate pause before the search list populates. This pause happens the first time [[^^ is typed during a session in a large vault, no matter how long Obsidian has been running.

There is no UI element indicating anything is happening or any distinguishing between finding nothing and the user just needs to wait 30+ seconds.

Subsequent searches with [[^^ are nearly instant.

Proposed solution

As part of Obsidian’s startup and refreshing indexes in the background, eagerly populate whatever structure is backing [[^^ full text search.

Or if that is too costly and most users don’t use [[^^ maybe show a visual indicator that the user should wait a bit or at least distinguish from no hits.

Current workaround (optional)

When obsidian starts, just run [[^^ once manually to warm caches.