E-mails as files

Use case or problem

Usually a lot of organizational or even intellectual information “comes in” with emails.
That’s why I want to store emails in my notes. It’s similar to PDF files.

Proposed solution

Add the email file format to Obsidian, and add a respective viewer.
That way one can add emails simply by drag-and-drop from the email client, just as PDF files.

Current workaround (optional)

Doesn’t exist unfortunately.

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Good idea, it would be a very nice feature.
When you drag and drop E-mails into Obsidian, a clickable “msg” block appears so you can get the original E-mail but you cannot search in the context. When you collect data most of it comes in E-mails as text or attachment. Obsidian would be suitable to treat these processes.

I also want this feature. It would be awesome to have my emails in Obsidian.