Dynamically updated meta info reference

New to Obsidian, but love it so far! A giant leap for Workflowy-user-kind! Asking here instead of in feature requests in case it has been requested before :sweat_smile:

I am trying to find a practical way to list things as a type of “overview”. When I have some type of entity, like projects, and I have one document for each, I can maintain a list of these projects in a separate file. That way, I can reorder them manually and so on. However, it would be great to be able to show some additional information in that list. Like a status for the project (or other things like the owner). Possibly something like this:

// Project 1.md

status: [[Open]]
# Project 1

// Project 2.md

status: [[In planning]]
# Project 2

// Projects.md

- [[Project 1]] ({{Project 1>status}})
- [[Project 2]] ({{Project 1>status}})

If this list could show

- Project 1 (Open)
- Project 2 (In planning)

with both project title and status being document links, and both the project title and the status updating when the document title and metadata of them is updated (i know titles does it already), that would be fantastic! I guess that could be shown in md-tables and other formats too. I see lots of usecases.

I have seen quite a few front matter discussions, but they often describe some different cases, so not sure if this exact type of wish has been requested somewhere already. Is there plans to be able to extract meta info this way? Something similar to embedding blocks, but on the inline text/links type of way…