Dynamic Table of Contents Buggy and No Longer Working Well

The Dynamic Table of Contents (DToC) plugin is no longer working well (Plugin’s GitHub: GitHub - Aidurber/obsidian-plugin-dynamic-toc: An Obsidian plugin for creating Tables of Contents that stay updated with your document).

I’m aware that it’s now archived and not being maintained. And though it used to kinda work before, now it’s very buggy and unusable.

For instance, headings’ indentation and varied levels aren’t being reflected in the table of contents that it creates --especially in the way that these characteristics are preserved with the other plugin that DToC was intended to improve, namely GitHub - hipstersmoothie/obsidian-plugin-toc: Create a tables of contents for a note..

As a result, when applicable, one can’t see which headings are others’ subheadings.

DToC now shows all headings as being on the same level, when that’s not the case (I have Obsidian version 0.16.5, and it created this problem well before this version).

With this older plugin (the original Table of Contents plugin), the functional flaw is that it’s not dynamic, or automatically upgradable. One has to waste time constantly recreating a table of contents (ToC) using it.

It’s very disappointing that Obsidian lacks these basic tools --making one wonder if a reversionary switch to more robust word processors, like MS Word, is in order. A feature like ToC creation should be inbuilt in Obsidian --no?

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This category is for bugs in Obsidian itself; bug reports for plugins go on their GitHub pages.

I see you posted a feature request, so I’m closing this.