Dynamic list in metadata

I have been porting over my worldbuilding document to Obsidian as I really like a number of features that Obsidian allows me to do. However there are some issues that I would love to solve

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to populate a metadata tag with a dynamically generated list

The list element was simple enough, querry the proper tag, include a where clause to have a link to this file. That works. But as soon as you put it in the YAML context it fails to work. This makes sense, but perhaps some guru can show me the way here. Thanks

Things I have tried

WHERE City = this.file.link

Works outside of YAML context.
Also tried some “join” related options but those also fail.

Hmm, so autogenerated lists within metadata not possible?

Not possible, easily, to populate a metadata field from a query. It can be done with some coding, but it does require some maintenance and setup and coding skill.

Hmm I’ll just put it on my list of TODO’s then. It’ll simplify a couple of things for me.

Thanks Stranger

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