Dynamic link to todays note, with the ! insertion

Hello, i’m trying to create an insert link such as ![[today’s daily note]] in my homepage
I tried the solution provided in this post partial solution, and managed to create a dynamic link to today’s note but when i tried adding a “!” in the formula it broke.
Does someone has an idea on how I could fix this ?

Actually the exact name of what i try to do is “dynamic embeded note”
Something like
="![[" + dateformat(date(today), "yyyy-MM-dd") + "]]"
and so embed the today’s daily note in my homepage, but the linked daily note changes everyday.
but when I try that the text become just plain text without any link.
instead of
which would give

So I don’t know, but here are some suggestions/hacks.

  • There is apparently a new kind of Dataview being worked on. I don’t know any details, but maybe it will have more functionality, including “Functioning Embeds”. GitHub - blacksmithgu/datacore: Work-in-progress successor to Dataview with a focus on UX and speed.
  • Maybe you could find or write a script/tool that copies the current daily note to a duplicate note, such as “CurrentDayNote”. And you can permanently link to that note instead.
  • Or you could always write in “CurrentDayNote”, and the tool would copy that to the properly dated note at the end of each day.

That’s all I can personally think of.

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