Dynamic Image Embedding - Sync w Concepts.app

I use concepts.app for sketching on my IPAD and Obsidian for Notes on my IPAD. I’d like to save a sketch I.e. File123.jpg, save it to IPAD drive and then link to that image in my Notes (so far so good). The issue is, should I want to edit the image (and just save with the same filename File123.jpg) the preview in Obsidian doesn’t show the updated image. I was hoping to only have to save (and rewrite same file in concepts.app) for all subsequent editing as opposed to always having to upload a new file into obsidian attachments in order to update accordingly . I hope this makes sense.

What I’m trying to do

Is Concepts saving your changes to the file in your vault, or somewhere else? If you’re not sure, you can open your vault in Files to check. It sounds like you might have exported the image and Concepts is still working on its internal version of the image.

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