Dynamic graph filters based on rulesets

I find myself spending a lot of time adjusting the graph filter settings when I am using it to explore my notes. After a few minutes of searching, was surprised not to find anything in the way of this post title.

I think it would be very useful to have the graph view’s filter settings be dynamic based on the current linked note’s properties.

For example:

  • When viewing a note with property #noteType/MOC, only show other notes containing tags #noteType/MOC with dept of 3.
  • When viewing Daily Notes, only show links with #noteType/journal

I have never written a plugin for Obsidian before, but would imagine this is feasible to build by having a config file specify simple rulesets that follow the core search syntax. When a note is opened, the plugin checks it against the search rulesets and apply graph settings based on the first match. Even better if rulesets/filters can be scoped to Workspaces.

Does anything like this currently exist? Is there a better workaround?
Thanks in advance for feedback.

PS - I am a novice at developing plugins but am happy to collaborate if anyone wants to help build this!

EDIT - Apparently this is a much requested feature (thread), but has only had one attempt to build a plugin that’s still in Beta, and appears to have different functionality than what I described here. Note that this is differentiated from other feature requests that are asking for simple presets.