Dutch language support

Use case or problem

I don’t have a dutch spell check option available yet.

Proposed solution

Adding dutch language support, I haven’t looked at how this could be achieved yet.

Current workaround (optional)

Could be an external app, currently i just live with it.


Have the same issue.
However I saw the option to chose Flamish as a language, to spellcheck. Technically that should be almost the same as Dutch. But it is very comon to have spellcheck in Dutch available.
Would be great if Dutch spellchecking could be added.


What about this plugin?

that plugins seems to require me to upload all my notes to a 3rd party server or run my own server for this purpose…

The Firefox language pack for Dutch spelling is 534,18 KB.

Clearly this can be solved locally…

See their github page:

Note: if you are worried about the privacy of your notes you should selfhost languagetool, whether it be locally on your pc or on a server Docker Image

Also the firefox spelling thing is just spelling. While Languagetool is also grammar

yeah, that is what I said: “or run my own server for this purpose…”

Running a server in order to do spell- and grammar check is ridiculous…
Both can and have been done by hundreds of apps locally for centuries.

This is an old thread. We now use electron’s built in spellcheck.
I believe Dutch is available. (it is on windows). If it’s not, there’s not we can do but wait until is available.

thnx for explaining that @WhiteNoise .

Somehow I do not see option for spellchecking. Where do I enable those? Thnx!

Options - editor - spellcheck

Dutch is available

(I personally have it disabled cause I use languagetool instead)

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If you are on MAC, the language is handled by your OS settings.

thnx! It was a combo of both answers above: by default spell check is disabled, and when enabled macOS handles the spelling.

thnx for pointing this out!

Hi WhiteNoise, It means that if I want to write in Obsidian with a different language than my MacOS default language, I have to change the system language to change spellcheck language in Obsidian?

No, you don’t have to change the system language. You need to add another language to MacOS spellchecker.

I understand what happens: I have 4 language added to spellchecker, one of these manually added (Catalan isn’t included in Mac OS release). The manually added language is not automatically recognized by Mac OS and you have to select it manually to start spellcheck. But in Obsidian you can’t manually select language, so, you have to do it in System preferences. Thanks @WhiteNoise