Duplication of notes with obsidian sync after moving notes

I’ve also been having problems with duplication during sync.

I’ve moved files into a new folder and after syncing had the files reappear outside of the folder AND inside the folder.

I’ve also deleted files and had sync put them right back again over and over again until I purged all other devices and had them re-sync from scratch.


This doesn’t sound like the issue I’ve posted.

Please detail OS and Obsidian version, if there are any other sync/backup services etc.

The past week I’ve moved many folders, notes and renamed folders, all while Obsidian Sync was running without any issues like the one you described.

I am seeing this issue using a MacBook Pro (M1), iPad Pro, and an iPhone (all on latest OS). I will frequently refactor files and folders on the MB Pro. Less frequently, I will pick up the iPad or the iPhone and do some work in the sync’d vault. In one example, on my MB Pro, I might take an existing, sync’d file named “test-1.md” and put it in a new folder “test/test-1.md”.

Expected Result
All devices should recognize the latest location of files, ie, “test/test-1.md”

Actual Result
My iPad (and/or iPhone) will upload “test-1.md” to the old location in the root folder, and also retain the newer “test/test-1.md” - resulting in a duplicate note in both the old and new location.

I haven’t taken the time to test a precise repro, but this has happened at least 5 times in the last month. It’s one of a couple issues I’m seeing with Sync that really makes me dread trying to use Obsidian on multiple devices because it’s an instant loss of time to have to restore the files (sometimes a bunch of them…). Any suggestions would be very helpful!

Also, is there any information about how Obsidian Sync works technically? ie, how it indexes files/folders for version management? I was quite surprised to run into an issue of his nature, and feeling hesitant to recommend to teammates based on my own experience.

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