Duplication of Notes: DEVONThink + Obsidian + Notion - Workflow

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Ive read several posts and watched some vids on using DT and Obsidian together… but I have a situation that’s not really covered and wondering what you think and if you have any suggested workflows. Though DT def. has it uses, I’m not yet sold whether to add it to my system, and so testing out different use cases.

One use case is that I scanning old letters. Since DT OCR doesn’t really work too well on handwriting, I translate these by hand into the annotations field which creates a text document. It great to see these side by side and having the note linked to the image of the letter. It might come in handy with DT searches and suggestions, but it’s even more useful in Obsidian (converted to markdown) as I can link names for example and then see all the linked and unlinked mentions of that name across all the letters. There’s some duplication here and was thinking of ways to combine a vault w/ an indexed folder (I have already indexed my Obsidian folder, but was thinking to create a new vault w/ my indexed DT folder, though not all those files are markdown)… There are also interview transcrips that are in both systems for the same reason. I also have my daily notes in Obsidian which might reference both letters and interviews so I want these all to reference each other via direct or indirect mentions. It’s a bit clunky having them in both, so trying to find a nice workflow.

In general I’m still struggling with workflow and what goes in which app. This thread is good, but looking for solutions more specific to what I’m doing.

How are you guys using these together and if I can throw another wrench in the machine, Notion is also another place I’ve got duplication seeing if all three can complement each other.



The latest Obsidians could show and have PDFs inside the vault.

Otherwise my solution is that I use DevonThink as a read-only vault and Obsidian as a write-mostly vault, and both are different. So far I have not had a need to cross-link.

You can simply read your handwritten notes into DEVONthink using Voice Control. VC doesn’t work in Obsidian, but Siri dictation does. Dictating the notes allows me to summarize my handwritten notes, generally making them fit better with the “atomic notes” concept. Reading aloud also aids memory. I sometimes keep a phone-snapped image of the handwritten notes in Obsidian, which is indexed by DEVONthink.

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